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San Francisco | Los Angeles | Dallas | Chicago | Palm Springs

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Social Club

Join a fun community-focused membership club, offering the perfect alternative to traditional nightlife



Welcoming outstanding people from the LGBTQ+ community and their allies across demographic lines

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A non sexual environment where real conversations are possible and new friendships are encouraged



Events are offered as an alternative to the same bar experience we are all so very familiar with



A wide range of activities like games nights, performances, guest speakers, social gatherings & more

“The Academy has really proved to be a great for meeting new friends and  fun people outside of a bar setting. Hopefully they will open a Clubhouse near me, but until then I'm loving the events.”

— Javier Chavez


“[The Academy] is an inclusive social club with a variety of events that will appeal to everyone. I have made lifelong friends, and I feel that I am part of a strong community.”

— Jean G, Member

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A City Near You

The Academy offers events and opportunities in several cities, and plans for a growing network of brick and mortar clubhouses. Become involved and grow the community near you.

San Francisco | Los Angeles | Dallas | Chicago | Palm Springs

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