A brand-new daytime experience – the ideal place to find your work-life balance

Serene Garden Terrace

Private meeting & call rooms

Access via subscription or day pass

Complimentary WiFi

Comfortable lounge seating

Full bar & beverage selection w/ complimentary coffee, tea, & water

Engaging community events

On-site barber-salon

Expansive games & activities

Discover Your Happy Place

We have all learned how important our environment is for both work and play. Academy Daylight offers a balance of both, in a casual yet sophisticated setting.

With a welcoming space to draw you in, Daylight is your daytime getaway where a moment to catch up with friends is just as important as catching up on those emails.

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Our Little Secret

While it is a wonderful place to work, everything at Academy Daylight is designed to make it the perfect spot for a midday escape.

From our guest policy to the beverage options, we have a perfect spot just waiting for you and your guest to enjoy.


Ample Space to Work Hard, or Hardly Work


Come Join Us

Academy Daylight is open for subscribers and a plus one from Monday through Friday, 12–5:00pm. Additional guests can get a $15 2-hour pass, or $30 day pass

For evening social club and/or barber salon hours,

click here

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The Academy values diversity; in fact, it is one of the cornerstones of our mission. When choosing our members, we actively seek out a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. We know that your race, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability status, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, occupation, income, and even marital status are all important parts of who you are, so they are important to us too, but they will never be factors standing in the way of your membership at The Academy.