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The Legends Archive

The Legends Archive was created to recognize those people who are profoundly shaping the LGBTQ+ community that we live in. Each year at the annual Legends Awards ceremony, The Academy selects one individual who has truly become a Legend.

The Legends Archive Award

The Academy Legends Archive honors someone each year who has become a legend, someone who has drawn the attention of the lights and all those around them. They are asked to contribute a personal artifact that represents the impact they have had on our community to be enshrined in the permanent collection of The Academy Legends Archive.

2023 Legends Archive Inductee: Peter Berlin

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A German-American photographer, artist, filmmaker, clothing designer, and model, Peter Berlin became the embodiment of a sexually expressive San Francisco in the 70s. His two films, Nights in Black Leather and That Boy, helped bring gay male erotic films artistic legitimacy. While he never set out to become an icon, his self portraits drew in onlookers, and his iconic looks continue to inspire a generation of queer men.


Past Inductees


2022 Legends Archive Inductee: Graylin Thornton


Named International Mr. Drummer in 1993, Graylin is still the only man of color to ever hold that title. As co-founder of Onyx Northwest, Graylin currently serves as President and Education Coordinator for the organization which represents men of color within the leather lifestyle. As an active member of The Leather Cultural District, a founding national board member of the Leather Leadership Conference, and Selection Committee Member for the Ringold Alley Leather History Walk, Graylin’s impact in the community is widely felt. 

2021 Legends Archive Inductee: Dr. Tim Seelig

Dr. Tim Seelig completed his final season in 2022 as Artistic Director and Conductor of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. He is the Conductor Emeritus of the Turtle Creek Chorale, made his solo recital debut at Carnegie Hall, and conducted there and The Lincoln Center for 25 years.

2020 Legends Archive Inductee: Juanita More

Juanita MORE! For almost three decades, the tireless hostess has blitzed San Francisco with high glamour, drag irreverence, danceable beats, culinary delectables, political activism and her philanthropic heart. Juanita remains a creation of fashion and glamour, generosity and nerve, inspiring those around her to make a positive difference in their lives and in their communities.

2019 Legends Archive Inductee: Sister Roma

For over 30 years, Sister Roma has been one of the most outspoken and highly visible members of the infamous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Roma is recognized around the globe as an activist, fundraiser, public speaker, Master of Ceremonies, and glamorous clown. She has been on the front lines in the war against HIV and AIDS as an educator, activist and fundraiser helping to raise over $1 million for the LGBTQ global community. 

The Diane Jones Solidarity Award

The Diane Jones Solidarity Award celebrates individuals with a profound capacity to embrace the shared humanity among those from diverse backgrounds, seeing the ties that bind us together, strengthening those ties, and reminding us of our common purpose.

2023 Honoree: Carolyn Wysinger
Past Diane Jones Solidarity Award Honorees
  • 2022: Race Bannon
  • 2021: Leo Herrera
  • 2020: Zie Jennings & Shannon Amitin

The Architect Award

The Architect Award honors those who have been instrumental in creating something new that adds to the overall LGBTQ+ community; in recognition of the fact that community doesn't create itself, it relies upon individuals or groups of people to build it—people who are brave enough to imagine something new, and tenacious enough to see it through to completion. 

2023 Honoree: West Walker
Past Architect Award Honorees
  • 2022: J Manuel Carmona, Simón Malvaez, SERGE GAY JR., Elliott C Nathan, & Xtopher J. McCutcheon
  • 2021: Scott Peterson
  • 2020: Manny Yekutiel

The Exemplar Award

The Exemplar Award honors those who set a good example for others in the community and embody values that we can all be inspired by.  These people stand out simply because of who they are, not just because of what they can do or what they have done, but because they inspire others to do better, and be better versions of themselves.

2023 Honoree: Terry Asten Bennett
Past Exemplar Award Honorees
  • 2022: Kochina Rude
  • 2021: Tita Aida
  • 2020: Honey Mahogany
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