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The Academy Announces First "Distillers Showcase"

The Academy is proud to announce our first Distillers Showcase!

The Irish coffee was born in San Francisco, and to pay our respects to that great tradition, The Academy is featuring 3 distinct Irish whiskeys for our very first Distillers Showcase.

The Distillers Showcase: Irish Whiskey will run throughout the month of March and will be available in the Speakeasy whenever we are open. Check our event listings for extra special events like our Irish Coffee Workshop with Teeling Whiskey on March 3.

Chosen for their flavor, history and uniqueness, each is renowned in its class:

1. Teeling: Small Batch

Created specifically to be the perfect companion in an Irish coffee, Teeling Small Batch is part of an Irish whiskey resurgence. The Teeling Distillery today is the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years.

2. Limavady: Single Barrel

Crafted by Darryl McNally, the most award-winning distiller in Ireland, Limavady.

3. Jameson 18yr

The biggest name in Irish whiskey may be known for its standard release Irish whiskey, but when a global powerhouse, with over 200 years of tradition makes their most exclusive whiskey ever, you get the ultra ultra premium Jameson 18yr.

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