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The Academy is Expanding

Late last year, The Academy announced an exciting and significant expansion of the club’s footprint, activating an adjacent vacant storefront at 2164 Market Street. In the last few weeks, more of the project has started coming together in the new yet-to-be named space, including installation of elegant new lighting, refurbishing the gorgeous hardwood floor, and giving the space a fresh coat of paint. The new space will contrast with The Academy's current moodier aesthetic; as opposed to the darker colors next door, the design will feature an abundance of plants, brighter colors, and plenty of natural light.

“This is an exciting game changer for our growing club, giving us a large open indoor space, additional storage, and other features that we don’t have in our existing building,” says co-founder Nate Bourg. “With so many vacant store fronts in our area, we’re fortunate to be engaging with a kind and reasonable landlord who wants to see the neighborhood thrive, rather than hold out for exorbitant rents like we hear so many other building owners are doing. The new space will allow us to offer more to our club members and our community, and we are so grateful for the opportunity.”

One of the club's newer programs, Academy Daylight, which offers a daytime co-working space Monday through Friday, will certainly benefit from the additional square footage. "We think our Daylight visitors will absolutely love the front area of this new building. With the greenery, cafe seating and bright natural light, it will feel really inviting and comfortable, in a sort of Bohemian style," said Paul Miller, co-founder of The Academy. Other planned activities for The Academy’s new space include enhanced class offerings as part of their Academy Homeroom series, community meetings including hosting the Castro Merchants on a monthly basis, receptions and banquets, fundraisers for local nonprofits, and much more.

Stay tuned for a community open house in the coming weeks that will give everyone an opportunity to check out the new space and get engaged with The Academy.

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